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YjoinY Internet Cafe Shareware 2004XP V8.0

YjoinY Internet Cafe Shareware 2004XP V8.0

YjoinY Internet Cafe Shareware 2004XP Publisher's Description

YjoinY Sit User License
(1 Server & x Clients) Total Price (USD)
(Server & Clients) 15 Client $ 150.00 US 20 Client $ 200.00 US + 5 Client + $50 US
YjoinY Internet Cafe Shareware 2004XP V8.0
The Software Use in Internet Cafe Guard.(Server/Client) Compared with peer products, this one has the following outstanding features:user-defined main control interface, high speed, prevention of process manager, prevention of financial black hole, prevention of password leak, disk protection, setup of accounts with prepaid operation time, automatic backup, favourable policy of computer access for members, custom computer switch, online updating, automatic alert under low credit, card-free management for members, dual authentication management, trivial concumption of system resources, easy operation, and competitive prices. If you have less than 10 computers, you can download and use the standard version free of charge. If you have more, please buy our registered version to gain better functions.  

How to install and administrate?

You must installed the cafe server software on one of the machines of your LAN.and clients which have been install the cafe client software,This server machine should be the central computer that you will use to administrate all the clients machines in your operation.

How to open client on server?

Click "Time counting" on left menu on virtual computer of the server,you can start client by timer "Member user" you must have a Member ID. or click "Time limit",or click "Package time",or click "Overnight",or click "Package month" to open client.

What is the Member ID?How to append a Member ID?How to add money into member?

1:The member can enjoy the special treatment.and the member can log on of the clients machines.

2:The cafe administrator if need append a ID,you must click "Member" enter pass,you can see a form.afterward click "Custom ID" enter the ID and Pass,you will get a new ID.but if you have use it you must activation it ,click "Member register" you need enter the rate of the member,afterward click "save data".in now the member can use Member ID unlock by clients machines to play.

3:If the member don't have sufficient funds on the card ,the clients machines is will lock,the cafe administator must click "Add money" or enter '+' KEY,afterward inputer additive money.otherwise the client machines should be lock!

How to setup member rate?

Click "Setup" in the "Member manage" you can see 'member level' 'member rate($/minute)' 'member foregift', you cann add and modify any level corresponding of rate,and level corresponding of foregift.


How to setup rate of the "Time counting" and "Time limit" in cafe server software?

The charge for "Time counting" and "Time limit" is rate of the minute multiply by online times,so you must decided the "Setup" in cafe server software,inputer value into "Timecount and Timelimit rate $/Minute".


Copyright© 2003 The YjoinY Software Developers Group & Allrights Reserved.

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